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Over the past few years, people have become more focused on improving the spaces they spend the most time in. When evaluating your surroundings, you might be thinking your space is in need of some new life. Or perhaps you are hosting an event and need some plants to enhance? At Plantd Life, we improve our clients spaces by creating optimal environments that are both beautiful and wellness focused. 

Plantd Life is the creation of plant designer Tara Soloway. Conceived as a passion project, Plantd Life has grown organically into a forward thinking plant design consultancy in Toronto. Tara believes in the biophilic concept that plants are vital to a healthy home or workspace: plants inspire creativity and make people feel happy.  

Tara first discovered her love of houseplants at an early age from her father, a garden enthusiast with a green thumb. Growing up in a home filled with dieffenbachia, cacti and philodendron, to name a few, the green seed was planted early. After selling her destination wedding and event company, Tara embarked on this new journey to share her love of nature and beauty with others in an authentic way. 

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